Rewards up to $1000....Remain Anonymous......1-800-392-STOP(7867)...


The process is simple. Montgomery County Crime Stoppers offers three outlets for providing information to law enforcement while remaining anonymous. 
Toll free hotline
This method is utilized by using the 1-800-392-STOP (7867) number which is answered by a specially training service which takes the information you provide and forwards it to the Crime Stoppers Coordinator. This line is not recorded nor does it utilize caller id services. After receiving the information you are assigned a unique numerical identification number that identifies your tip.
Online Webtips -
This method allows you to access Crime Stoppers online at and leave a tip via a secure server that cleans all identifiers from your tip. It is a simple fill in the blank online form that once completed is submitted and sent to the Coordinator. Again you are assigned a unique numerical identification number that identifies your tip. This method allows the Coordinator a two way communicate with the tipster via the internet while keeping the tipsters identity anonymous.  Click here to leave a secure webtip.
SMS Tip Submission -
This method allows the tipster to submit a tip via text messaging from a cellular device. The tip is entered into the phone starting with the prefix of MCCS and then the tip information. The message is then sent to the word CRIMES (274637) and it is again cleaned of any identifying information. This method also allows a two communication with the Coordinator. The tipster is again issued a unique numerical identification number to identify the tip.

Sample text:

Tip would read : MCCS John Smith has a gun at school  - Send it to CRIMES (274637)

Response to Tipster: What School does John go to?

Reply from Tipster: XYZ School and he is in the 10th grade.

Response to Tipster: What kind of gun is it?

Reply from Tipster:  I dont know but it is black

Response to Tipster: What class is he in now?


Crime Stoppers assists all law enforcement agencies in Montgomery County.  


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